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Shrewsbury Borough School Board of Education

  Position Name Email
  President: Pamela Hemel
  Vice President:  Carolyn Barber
  Board Member Heather Gourley-Thompson
  Board Member Jessica Groom
  Board Member Karen Hepburn-Goldberg
  Board Member Patty Humes
  Board Member Christopher Jannuzzi
  Board Member Rebecca Montgomery
  Board Member Donald Sweeney




Any correspondence to the Board should be addressed to the full Board. The Business Administrator/Board Secretary ( must be copied on all correspondence sent to the Board.

Only correspondence that is addressed to the Members of the Board of Education (which included the Superintendent) and copied to the Business Administrator/Board Secretary will appear on the agenda under the heading of Communications.

The Board of Education appreciates the suggestions received via this web link and will consider them as discussion topics at future meetings. 

Suggestions should be sent to: Contact SBS-Board of Ed