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Contact Information

Contact Information

20 Obre Place, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702

Phone: (732) 747-0882 
Fax: (732) 747-7510

In the event of a power failure, the following will serve as Emergency Contact Numbers for the school (732) 747-0889 and (732) 747-7510.

School Administrators:

Superintendent:  Brent MacConnell   

Supervisor of Special Services:   Roseanne Ansell              

Supervisor of Curriculum:  Jessica Wakula

Business Administrator:   Debi Avento       

Business Office: Phone: (732) 747-0887    Fax: (732) 747-0889    

Staff Members:

  Aquilino, Lisa aquilinol@sbs-nj.org
  Ames, Diane amesd@sbs-nj.org
  Baeta, Marya baetam@sbs-nj.org
  Biringer, Joshua biringerj@sbs-nj.org
  Blake, Stephanie blakes@sbs-nj.org
  Bremekamp, Samantha  bremekamps@sbs-nj.org
  Bonura, Christine bonurac@sbs-nj.org
  Buskey, Kelly buskeyk@sbs-nj.org
  Cellary, Heather cellaryh@sbs-nj.org
  Chervenak, Valerie chervenakv@sbs-nj.org
  Cosentino, Kelly cosentinok@sbs-nj.org
  Cuervo, Emily cuervoe@sbs-nj.org
  Davis , Jillian davisj@sbs-nj.org
  Devine, Daniel devined@sbs-nj.org
  Di Stefano, Michele distefanom@sbs-nj.org
  Dotto, Michelle dottom@sbs-nj.org
  Dura, Melissa duram@sbs-nj.org
  Ehlers, Laura ehlersl@sbs-nj.org
  Ehrhardt, Amanda ehrhardta@sbs-nj.org
  Epstein, Jill epsteinj@sbs-nj.org
  Fitzgerald, Collett fitzgeraldc@sbs-nj.org
  Fitzpatrick, Kathleen fitzpatrickk@sbs-nj.org
  Fox, Staci foxs@sbs-nj.org
  Frankel, Anne frankela@sbs-nj.org
  Gammoh, Laura gammohl@sbs-nj.org
  Galante, Laura galantel@sbs-nj.org
  Havern, Jennifer havernj@sbs-nj.org
  Havard, Todd havardt@sbs-nj.org
  Healy, Abi healya@sbs-nj.org
  Henrie, Claudine henriec@sbs-nj.org
  Hillen, Alison hillena@sbs-nj.org
  Kane, Tammy kanet@sbs-nj.org
  Kaplan, Laura kaplanl@sbs-nj.org
  Katsaros, Eleni katsarose@sbs-nj.org
  Kiely, Kristina kielyk@sbs-nj.org
  King, Brittany kingb@sbs-nj.org
  Kulovitz, Robin kulovitzr@sbs-nj.org
  Leston, Donna lestond@sbs-nj.org
  Masica, Christine masicac@sbs-nj.org
  Meseroll, Jamie meserollj@sbs-nj.org
  Metzler, Jennifer metzlerj@sbs-nj.org
  Meyer, Carol meyerc@sbs-nj.org
  McConville, James mcconvillej@sbs-nj.org
  Montiel, Francisca montielf@sbs-nj.org
  Moore, Catherine moorec@sbs-nj.org
  Newman, Cynthia newmanc@sbs-nj.org
  Patton, Jennifer pattonj@sbs-nj.org
  Pettit, Michael pettitm@sbs-nj.org
  Peterson, Cheryl petersonc@sbs-nj.org
  Peri, Vincent periv@sbs-nj.org
  Phillips, Mary Ellen phillipsm@sbs-nj.org
  Ponti, Nikki pontin@sbs-nj.org
  Potter, Nina pottern@sbs-nj.org
  Rooney, John rooneyj@sbs-nj.org
  Schlosser, Kelly schlosserk@sbs-nj.org
  Scully, Jean scullyj@sbs-nj.org
  Shaheen, Marisa shaheenm@sbs-nj.org
  Tardiff, Kristen tardiffk@sbs-nj.org
  Tillett, Michael tillettm@sbs-nj.org
  Tiplady, Skye tipladys@sbs-nj.org
  Trillhaase, Leigh trillhaasel@sbs-nj.org
  Van Brunt, Laurie vanbruntl@sbs-nj.org
  Wissenbach, Maria wissenbachm@sbs-nj.org  
  Wiesel, Allison wiesela@sbs-nj.org
  Watts, Alissa wattsa@sbs-nj.org