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Reading Programs at Shrewsbury Borough School

Reading Clinic

SBS provides services for students to continue their progress in reading skills.  This link provides descriptions of all of our programs offered at SBS.

Guided Reading

As part of a balanced literacy program that includes reading aloud, shared reading, and literature circles, guided reading is the component that helps students to read independently for meaning. Teachers guide students by helping them to effectively implement necessary strategies to read with at least 96% accuracy at their independent reading level.  Linked here, is a description of guided reading, used in grades K-5, as well as useful resources.

Daily 5 / CAFE

As guided reading takes place, a framework for literacy engagement is in place, called Daily 5.   Created by “The Sisters,” Daily 5 allows for students to build independence while being immersed in literacy experiences such as reading independently, reading to a partner, listening to reading, working on writing, and working with words.  A layered component called CAFÉ allows for reading skills to be addressed such as comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and expanding vocabulary.  The links provides some further information for a glimpse into the programs that SBS uses and modifies to suit our needs.