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Library Media Center


     Welcome to the SBS Library Media Center (LMC) web site.   The school library media center is open daily during the school year from 8:35 a.m. until 3:15 p.m.   The print collection includes approximately 19,000 books, subscriptions to numerous children's magazines, professional materials for staff, and audio-visual materials to support and enrich the curriculum.  The LMC has an online catalog, access to the Internet, and an online, full-text, periodical database. Our resources support the curriculum and promote recreational reading. LMC instruction includes the study of literature and emphasizes learning to become an efficient researcher and a critical consumer of information. Our goal is to encourage students to become enthusiastic readers and avid learners.   Each week please check to see your child is enjoying his/her library books at home… the rewards will be lifelong.

Parents and teachers, as the Internet is a constantly changing environment, please review all sites before student use.

This is a long page - but a great one! In order to help expedite your searching, please try the following links: (click on it and you will zoom off to that section of the Library's page!)

Research Databases; Research Tools ; Invisible Web;
Awesome Authors & Illustrators School Library Award Winners List International Awards ; Almanacs & Dictionaries ALSC Notable Web Sites for Children Ancient History Animals Biomes Birds Civil War Dinosaurs Endangered Species ; ESL ; Foreign Language ; Great Depression ; Health & Nutrition Holidays Human Body Inventions ; Law ; Literature Maps Math Sites ; Medieval Times Music Notes News Pet Zone Science ; Social Studies Space & Beyond ; US Government ; Grades K-2 ; Grades 3-5
Teacher Tools

Research Databases
AP Preserver
CQ Researcher
Facts On File On-Line
JerseyClicks – 15 databases for a single broadcast search
Journal of American Medicine
News Directory – Browse newspapers by county, city, state, country – incredible
SIRS Discoverer
Statistical Rolodex
U.S. Census Bureau
US National Archives - Access to online historical documents

Invisible Web

Find Articles
Find Law
Google News
- Automated (no Google editors) version scours the Web every 15 minutes, capturing news from 4,500+ sources.
Incy Wincy
Invisible Web Net
Librarians' Index to Internet
National Science Digital Library
Research Tools
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Bartlett's Quotations
Bibliographic Citations for Electronic Media:MLA

Biography Resource
Best Info on the Net
CIA World Factbook - Information about all the countries of the world
- Create a dynamic page created in response to an inquiry
Calendars Through the Ages
Cities/Buildings Images Database - Collection of photographs of buildings, cities, and towns from over 50 countries
Common Weights and Measures - Metric prefixes and common U.S. and metric equivalents

Contemporary Authors
Dewey Browse - Catalog of websites for K-12 students arranged by Dewey Decimal number
ELibrary - All reference questions
Famous Quotations
History Channel
Hot Sheet Web Quick Reference
InfoPlease - Solid maps and quick links to additional information-Check for current head of a government -almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia
Internet Public Library - Comprehensive site for all types of resources
Kid Info – SEE Reference Resources for almanacs, atlases, encyclopedias, etc.
Languages-on-the-Web - 100 Language links
Magazines On Line

New York Times
Old Farmer's Almanac
One Look Dictionaries - The faster finder with 215 dictionaries indexed
Presidents – Biographies
Quoteland - Quotations by topic, literary quotations, humorous quotations, how to identify a quote, and a reference library
RefDesk - "Best single source for facts on the Net."
Roget's Thesaurus
Time for Kids
Virtual School Library - Includes a series of especially configured HotBot search engines that search only pre-determined sites on the Internet.
Yahoo Reference Links - Great search tool!

Awesome Authors and Illustrators

For information about a favorite author or an illustrator, just click that person's name! Use the bookmarks below to get to the list faster than scrolling through the whole thing!



When you click on an author or illustrator's name you will leave the library page. To get back to the library page, just click the Back button on the top left of your screen. You'll know you are back when you see this same screen again.  


Please let me know if there are any problems with the links.


Aardema, Verna
Adoff, Arnold
Ahlberg, Janet & Allen
Aiken, Joan
Alcott, Louisa May
Alexander, Lloyd
Andersen, Hans Christian
Arnold, Caroline   
Arnold, Tedd
Arnosky, Jim
Aylesworth, Jim

Bang, Molly
Base, Graeme
Bawden, Nina
Baum, Frank
Bellairs, John
Berenstain, Jan & Stan
Blume, Judy
Brett, Jan
Brisson, Pat
Brimner, Larry Dane
Brooks, Bruce
Brown, Craig
Bunting, Eve
Burnett, Frances Hodgson
Byars, Betsy

Cannon, Janell
Carle, Eric
Carlson, Nancy
Carlson, Nancy
Cherry, Lynne
Christopher, Matt
Cleary, Beverly
Cobb, Vicki
Conly, Jane Leslie
Cooney, Barbara
Creech, Sharon
Curtis, Christopher Paul
Cushman, Karen

Dahl, Roald
Danziger, Paula
Davis, Katie
Dear America authors
DePaola, Tomie
Dewey, Ariane
Diaz, David
DiCamillo, Kate

Ehlert, Lois

Farley, Walter
Feelings, Tom
Freedman, Russell
Fox, Mem
Fritz, Jean

George, Jean Craighead
Giff, Patricia Reilly
Gurney, James
Gutman, Dan
Halperin, Wendy Anderson
Hahn, Mary Downing
Henkes, Kevin
Herriott, James
Hesse, Karen
Hill, Eric
Hinton, S.E.
Hobbs, Will
Hughes, Langston
Hughes, Ted
Hutchins, Pat
Jacques, Brian
Johnson, Crockett
Joyce, William

Kasza, Keiko
Katz, Susan
Keats, Ezra
Kimmel, Eric
King-Smith, Dick  
Koontz, Robin

L'Engle, Madeline
Lear, Edward
Lester, Julius
Lewis, C.S.
Lindgren, Astrid
London, Jack
Lowry, Lois   
Marshall, James   
Martin, Jr., Bill
Martin, Rafe
Marzollo, Jean
Mayer, Mercer
Milne, A.A.
Minor, Wendell
Munsch, Robert
Munoz-Ryan, Pam
Myers, Walter Dean

Napoli, Donna Jo
Nixon, Joan Lowery

O'Dell, Scott
Osborne, Mary

Paterson, Katherine
Paulsen, Gary
Peet, Bill
Pilkey, Dav
Pinkney, Jerry
Pinkwater, Daniel
Polacco, Patricia
Potter, Beatrix
Prelutsky, Jack
Pullman, Philip
Quackenbush, Robert
Reid Banks, Lynne
Robinson, Barbara
Rubel, Nicole
Rylant, Cynthia

Sachar, Louis
Salisbury, Graham
Say, Allen
Sendak, Maurice
Seuss, Dr.
Shannon, David
Silverstein, Shel
Simon, Seymour
Sis, Peter
Sleator, William  
Soto, Gary
Spagnoli, Cathy
Steig, William
Stevens, Janet
Stone, Phoebe
Szymanski, Lois
Taylor, Mildred
Tryon, Leslie
Twain, Mark

Ungerer. Tomi

       Van Allsburg, Chris
Voigt, Cynthia

Walsh, Jill Paton
Weidt, MaryAnn
Wells, Rosemary
White, E.B.
Wilder, Laura
Wilhelm, Hans
Williams, Margery
Winthrop, Elizabeth
Wood, Audrey

Yep, Laurence
Yolen, Jane



School Library Award Winners List

Are you looking for information about a literary award? Just click on that award in the following list!
The Newbery Medal
Information about the Newbery medal from the American Library Association
The Caldecott Medal
Information about the Caldecott medal from the American Library Association
The Coretta Scott King Award
This award is given every year to an African American author and illustrator.
The Pura Belprι Award
This award is presented to every two years to a Latino/Latina writer and illustrator.
The Mildred L. Batchelder Award
This award is presented to an American publisher for a children's book published in a foreign language and translated into English.
The Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal
This award honors an author or illustrator whose books have made a lasting contribution to literature for children.

International Awards

Canadian Awards
CLA Book of the Year

Governor General's Awards
ritish Awards
Carnegie Medal Greenaway Medal Complete List
ustralian Awards
Picture Book of the Year Complete List
New Zealand Awards
Esther Glen Award NZ Post Children's Book Awards Complete List



Almanacs and Dictionaries

A merican Sign Language - Learn how to fingerspell with demonstrations
Farmer's Almanac
Information Please Almanac - Facts about people, places, and more
Rhyme Zone - Need rhyming words?
World Fact Book - Information about countries of the world

ALSC Notable Web Sites for Children

Baseball Almanac
       Between the Lions - An early literacy site for children ages 4-7.   Offers songs and games.
       Book Adventure - Find a fiction or nonfiction book that is right for you!
Children's Storybooks - Experience a story page by page
Great Buildings - Architecture around the world and across history - 1,200 buildings and architects!
Harry Potter - For Harry Potter fans!
Library of Congress - America's Story from America's Library - Fascinating images, songs, etc.
Narnia - Books, creature, and people of Narnia
Ology - Museum of Natural History - interactive
Robotics-Sensing-Thinking-Acting - Tech museum of Innovation-cool

Ancient History

Ancient Egypy - Graphics, hieroglyphs
Ancient Mesoamerican Civilzations - Maya, Mixtec, Zapotc, Aztec
Bulfinch's Mythology - Age of Fable, Age of Chivalry, and legends of Charlemagne - Archaeological site of the Imperial Forums.   Information about history, daily life in Ancient Rome
Hyperhistory Online - Events from 3,00 years of history


Animals A-Z - Favorite animals, habitats
Animal Print-out Coloring Pages - Fun
Boomerwolf - Red & gray wolves, sounds, and movies
Creature Feature - National geographic features, videos
Gorilla Foundation - Facts, Project Koko, Maui Gorilla
Kilimanjaro   Adventure - Gorilla help site, protection agencies
Nova - Wild wolves
Sounds of the World's Animals


Artcyclopedia - 125,000 Great works of art
Artlex   - Art dictionary
Art Room - a virtual learning environment for exploring the world of art
Inside Art - an online game of art history
National Gallery of Art
Earth System - Explore plate tectonics
Key to the Biomes - Explores all eight ecosystems
Tour of Biomes - Unique feature the climographs, which show monthly precipitation and temperature amounts
What's It Like Where You Live? - Designed for grades 4 and 5

Aerodynamics of Birds - Learn how birds fly
The Aviary - Dedicated to bird lovers
The Eagle's Nest - Wonderful pictures
Peterson Online Bird Identification - Great site
Civil War
American Civil War Homepage
American Slave Narratives – Reveals the texture of life as experienced
The Civil War
Civil War for Kids - Site presents a timeline of the war's events, chart of North and South victories, and bar graphs depicting population, railroad lines, soldiers, and more
Civil War Women - Journal references included
Confederate and Union Documents
Confederate and Union Leaders
Documents of Civil War Women - Online archival collections...also includes related Civil War web sites
Underground Railroad - Interactive site from National Geographic
Underground Railroad
Valley of the Shadow:   Two Communities in the American Civil War - Learn their strong beliefs concerning slavery, their economy, and the war

Age of Reptiles - Murals by period
Dino Dictionary - Most complete dictionary on web
Dino-ROAR - Simulation of sound by Scientific American
Dino Russ's Lair - Every link to dinosaur sites
Discovering Dinosaurs – IMAX
Fossils - What is a fossil?
Endangered Species
Division of Endangered Species (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) - Status for U.S. vertebrates
SchoolWorld - Endangered Species Reports: read reports by students, submit your own


Activities for ESL Students
Awesome Library – Go to ESL and foreign languages (also check out lesson plans)
Dave's ESL Cafe
ESL – Activities
E.L.Easton - English – Writing
ESL Blue(s)
ESL Independent Study Lab -
Contains over 250 of the best Internet resources for ESL/EFL students!   All Web sites are clearly annotated. Organization is by skill area and language level.
ESL Pronunciation Quizzes
ESL Resource
Everything ESL
Information on Testing Limited English Proficient Students
Internet Picture Dictionaries
Internet TESL Journal – Monthly web magazine
Lesson Plans for ESL
Links to ESL/EFL Lessons and Plans
Many Things - Excellent for pronunciation-listen and speak
Professional Development ESL Teachers
Professor Meloni's ESL Study Hall Links for ESL students
Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab – Includes Listening Quizzes, Language learning and Life Tips, 20 min. ESL lessons
School Express
Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students
Teaching Language Through Content
Vocabulary Through Pictures

Foreign Language
     Activities for ESL Students  
  Boggle's World         - Flashcards   
Casa de Joanna - Language learning resources with authentic links in Spanish and French
Dictionaries On-line - Allows instant translation for 74 languages!
Foreign Language Lesson Plans and Resources - List of sites that provide activities, lesson plans, museums, and exhibits
Gateway to web Sites in French
Internet Activities for Foreign Language Classes – Lesson plans and activities to be used with Foreign Language classes
Internet Picture Dictionary
Language and Languages
Languages-on-the-Web - 100 Language links
Latin Language and Dictionaries
Little Explorer's dictionary
McGraw Hill French - Text and resources
McGraw Hill Spanish
Paris- In French or English
Say Hello to the World - Say much more than hello in many languages
StoryPlace - For Spanish-speaking youngsters. A Spanish-language Web of stories
Teaching with the Web
- A compilation of ideas for using WWW resources as a language-teaching tool

Great Depression
America in the 1930's
Herbert Hoover and The Great Depression
New   Deal - Images, articles, speeches
Riding the Rails
Surviving the Dust Bowl
Health and Nutrition
FDA Kids
  - Food safety, all about animals, Parents' corner, vaccines
Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition Center - All you need to know about fruits and vegetables by Dole Food.   
Kid's Health - Deals with various health issues
Tufts University Nutrition Navigator - Nutrition web sites

Celebrations Around the World
Chinese New Year
Diversity Calendar
Education World --Holiday lessons
Groundhog Day
Holidays Around the World K-12 - Includes songs

Yahooligans - Around the World Holidays - By country, month, includes sounds and videos-wow!

Human Body
Airjunk   - What is in the air we breathe?
Brain - Explore the brain and spinal chord         
Heart: An Online Exploration - Explore the heart. Follow the blood through the blood vessels.
Human Eye - Find out how your eyes work and why some people need glasses
Human Muscle - Test yourself on the names of muscles  
My Body - Articles about the different parts that make up your body. Find out what these parts do, what they look like, and what makes them so special.   
Neuroscience for Kids - A searchable site for information on the brain, the nervous system, and the senses.

Invention Dimension - Search for inventors by last name
Technology Timelines   - From 1752 to 1990
Civil Rights – Religious Freedom, Women and the Vote & School Desegregation
Justice Learning - Civic education in the REAL world
Supreme Court Collection - Includes decisions by Supreme Court since 1990
Supreme Court Decisions, 1937-1975
Supreme Court of United States - Official web site. Includes biographies of Justices from 1789 to present

American Verse Project - Archive of poetry
Biographical Dictionary - Covers more than 19,000 notable people from ancient times to present day
Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation - Click on punctuation or grammar to find the answer to common questions
Children's Literature Web - A preferred site -categorizes children and young adult literature sites
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Literary Calendar - Choose a day from the calendar to see what literary events took place on that day
Modern American Poetry
Online Literary Resources - Searchable site of literature links: Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian, American and more
Poetry Source - Index of 1300 English poems-name & keyword search

Blank State Outline Maps - Includes capital and major cities.   Print to a single page.   
InfoPlease Solid maps and quick links to additional information-Check for current head of a government – almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia
The Map Guide
Map Library - 80,000 physical maps-political, physical and theme
National Atlas - MUST SEE!   Shows active volcanoes, where the West Nile Virus us located—Incredible
National Geographic Xpeditions - Innovative "map Machine"
Outline Maps - Continent/hemisphere outline maps.   All maps are designed to print out on one page
Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection - Enormous collection of online maps arranged by continent.
Topo Zone - Highly interactive topographic maps of the US-Zoom-in!
US Naval Observatory – Moon phases, sunrise/sunset data, eclipses, solar system bodies, bright stars, celestial navigation
World Factbook Reference Maps
- Great collection of high-quality, public-domain world, continent, and regional maps. PDF maps take a long time to load, but are very detailed.
Xpeditions Atlas - Select both the country and type of map you want to view.   Includes lesson plans.

Math Sites
Abacus - Solve math puzzles
All Math - Cool site complete with math flashcards and multiplication tables
Ask Dr. Math! - Answers to frequently asked questions, ask your own problem
Brain Food - Puzzles for the brain to gnaw on
Cool Math
Education World - Dozens of fabulous math sites for all grade levels!
Flashcards for Kids - Create your OWN cards- you choose the difficulty and numbers, ant he site does the rest
Fibonacci Numbers and Nature - Geometry, architecture, calculating pi
Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies - Math lessons
Fractals - Explanation of fractal properties
FunBrain - Batter up, play a little math baseball
How Many? - Dictionary of Units of Measurement
The Largest Known Primes about prime numbers
Mega Converter
Mega Math - Math games created by Los Alamos National laboratory
Prime Numbers
U.S. Census Bureau

Medieval Times

Battle of Hastings 1066 - Site with much information, a timeline, and many links to events, people, and places. Includes information on King Arthur, Bayeux Tapestry, Harold and William  

Castles for Kids - Information on why castles were made, their structure, castle life and defenses, as well as a glossary of terms

Castles of Wales - Information on 400 Welsh castles with excellent photographs  

Chivalry Kidzone - Read about nobles, feudalism, and chivalry  

Life in a Medieval Castle - Visit Chepstow Castle in Wales

Marco Polo and his Travels - Learn about Marco Polo's life and travels  

Medieval Siege - Read about everyday life in a typical English castle. Produced by Nova

People of the Middle Ages - People of the time

Social Studies: Medieval Times - Read about feudal towns, medieval clothing, religion, homes, and entertainment

Music Notes

History in Song
Idea Box - Words to children's songs and finger plays
Mojo's Musical Mouseum
Music Notes: An Interactive Online Musical Experience
Music in the Air: Sounds from the Orchestra

The Musical Scientist

The National Association for Music Education
New York Philharmonic Kidzone
The Piano Education Page – Sound
Preschool Action Poems, Songs
Songs for Environmental Education – Lesson ideas


New York Times - Today's newspaper online
National Public Radio – Audio archives
Online Newspapers of the World - Links to local, national, and international newspapers – WOW!
Pet Zone
Art Cat - Ice-skating cat paper dolls
Birds n -Ways - Complete guide to pet birds
Fish - Aquarium plans, fish information
Garfield on-line - Fun games
Hamster Web Ring - Links to sites
Rodents as Pets - Description and care of gerbils, rats, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, and chinchillas
Tropical Fish
Yahoo Cat Ring - Links to sites
Yahoo Dog Ring - Links to sites
Yahoo Rodent Ring - Links to sites


Amateur Science
Chemicool Periodic Table
Earth and Moon Viewer - Digital satellite imagery
Earth From Space - NASA photos of Earth
How Things Work
Invention Dimension
Microbe Zoo
Periodic Table of the Elements
Planet Pals - Interactive science site
Science Fair Project Resource Guide
Science Hobbyist   - Science projects and experiments
Science Learning Network
Volcanoes of the World
Volcanoes Online

Social Studies

British History 1700-1950
Elections Around the World
Hyper History
United Nations

Space & Beyond
Amazing Space
– Interactive
Astronomy for Kids - Facts about the solar system, sun meteorites, stars, galaxies, planets, moon, comets, asteroids, and astronauts.
Astronomy for Kids - THINKQUEST -Click on links to phases of the moon, eclipses, constellations and more!
NASA Kids - WOW-great information-projects, rockets and more
Nine Planets - Fabulous tour of the solar system
Planetary Fact Sheet - Also compare size and orbit to earth
Star Child - Explore the universe
Welcome to the Planets - Collection of photos from NASA's planetary exploration program
Windows to the Universe - Ask a scientist a question or make a map of the sky

United States Government
Biographical Directory of the US Congress
Core Documents of US Democracy
First Government - Portal to all U.S. Government information and services
U.S. Senate, 109th Congress
U.S. House of Representatives
The White House

Kindergarten - Grade 2

ABC Teach
The Alphabet - See words and pictures with the letters of the alphabet.
Children story
First School – Tales and rhymes
Nursery Rhymes
Rebus Rhymes
Song, Nursery Rhymes, and Stories

Kids Farm - Farm animals
New England Aquarium
Snow Science - Learn about frost, flakes and animals
Trees - Shapes of trees and how they spread their seeds
Where Do Butterflies Come From?

Social Studies
Be an Architect - Learn why people have different kinds of homes and create your own.
Betsy Ross Homepage   - Find out about her life and the history of the flag
Statue of Liberty - Photos and information
Your Neighborhood - Community workers

Grades 3-5

Science & Math
Butterflies of North America
Butterfly Wing Patterns
Eastern Central Tree Finder
Energy Quest - Click on The Energy Story button to find information about geothermal energy, fossil fuels, hydropower, ocean energy, nuclear energy, solar energy, wind energy. Many other buttons link to biographical information, science experiments, and more.
Fractions - Identify geometric shapes and answer questions about their relationships
Journey North: Migration - A global study of animal migration
Totally Tessellated - Learn about tessellation from A to Z
U.S. Climate Page - Maps for high and low temperatures
USA Weather Today - Current weather anywhere in the world
Water Cycle - Take a quiz on how much water is needed to grow or produce certain foods.

Social Studies
50 States and Capitals - Interesting facts on states
American Indians - Fascinating info about their lives & homes
Civil War 1860-1865 - Timeline of events
Corn Husk Dolls - Learn to make a corn husk doll
Gold Rush - Fun facts from PBS
Daniel Boonel - His life
Davey Crockett - Hero, warrior, and backwoodsman
First Americans - Regions
Ice and Snow - Learn how to make an igloo
Laura Ingalls Wilder-Frontier Girl - Her life and works
Lewis and Clark - Become part of the Lewis and Clark expedition
Meet Amazing Americans - Biographies
Monticello - Home of Thomas Jefferson
Oregon Trail - Learn about life on the Oregon Trail
Pony Express - Find out about the riders, the route, and more
Schooling, Education, and Literacy in Colonial America - Comprehensive site
Walking Tour of Plimoth Plantation - Reconstruction of Native American home site


Teacher Tools
K-12 Resources for Music Educators - W ebsites for teachers of band, vocal, chorus, and classroom Music teachers
A. Pintura: Art Detective - Art history and composition
ABC – Aids
Art Education - Create art through hands-on activities & demos
Art Teacher on the Net - projects and links for art teachers -updated weekly
ArtsEd Net - Lesson plans, curriculum ideas from Getty Education Institute for the Arts
ArtsEdge - Curriculum studio includes subject area resources of lesson plans, ideas, and resources for classroom teaching in the arts
AskERIC - All curricular areas
A+ Plus Math - Create custom print flash card sets for numbers one through 12 in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.   Includes worksheets.
Blue Webbin – “An online library of 1800+ outstanding Internet sites categorized by subject, grade level, and format (tools, references, lessons, hotlists, resources, tutorials, activities, projects…”
Crayola Creativity Central   - Art techniques and lesson plans
EdSelect – Canadian based – excellent collection of sites for classrm
Educator's Reference Desk
Funbrain Quiz Lab - FOR TEACHERS - Interactive online quiz-maker.   However, you must sign up for this site. One you've created an online quiz, students log onto the site to take it.   The quiz lab will e-mail you their results.
Gateway(GEM) - Search by subject and grade level
The Incredible Arts Department
- Lesson plans by grade level, art room(student artwork), art jobs
Internet Picture Dictionaries
Kathy Schrock – Lesson plans and Subject Access
KinderArt - Art lessons and activities
The Library – Internet Search Tools
Music Education Online - Music links to great sites, lessons online
National Geographic
Noodle Tools
– Search strategies – Check FREE TOOLS info ONLY
- Create 11 different types of customized puzzles
Rubric Generators - Generates 14 different types of rubrics
School Express
SportsMedia - PE lesson plans, sports links, coaching tips, etc.
Tammy's Technology Tips for Teachers - Classroom computer projects
Teacher's Guide to Holocaust
United Streaming

Literature – Teachers
Academy Curricular Exchange Intermediate Language Arts Lessons - 34 individual language arts lessons mostly for grades 6-8
Awesome Library K-12 Language Arts and English Resources - A resource site for language arts teachers-includes lesson plans, games, creative writing and other related sources
Cyberguides - Units of instruction based on core works of literature requiring the students to use the World Wide Web
English and Literature Lessons - Handy literature lessons for middle school
The English Room - A series of lessons that are designed to take students to locations on the Internet to explore poetry, literature, writing, and more
Grammar Bytes - Index of grammar terms, interactive exercises, teacher and student handouts, rules
Grammar Safari - An online search for grammar structures-includes web activities that provide students with examples of grammar used in authentic communication
Language Arts/Literature Library - Exploring language arts including folk-tales, myths, and other stories
National Council of Teachers of English Teaching Ideas - A listing of lesson plans and activities to get your students involved and enthusiastic about English
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant - A relative writing resources
Traditional Literature Lesson Plans - Lesson plans that will help you teach myths, legends, fairy tales, folktales, fables, etc.


Math Sites - Teachers
Center of Excellence for Science and Mathematics - This site serves as a starting point for teachers who are looking for resources to improve their science or mathematics teaching
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse - Math and science education resources that include the Digital Dozen (exemplary math and science educators' web sites), and links to other resources
Forum Web Units and Lessons - Collection of Internet-based projects and lessons created by teacher participants of a workshop at Swarthmore College
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles - Mind boggling problems that will help teach important theorems and formulas
Math Archives - Links to all aspects of mathematics education for K-12- Internet sites that contain lesson plans and other materials which can be used in the teaching of math
MATHCOUNTS Homepage - A national math coaching and competition program for 7th and 8th grade students
MATH GOODIES – Interactive lessons, homework help, worksheets
Math Magic - K-12 telecommunications project for using computer technology while increasing problem-solving strategies and communication skills- posts challenges for problem solving
MathStories ...a site to help elementary and middle school children improve their math problem solving and critical thinking skills
Mathematics Lesson Plans
Problem of the Week/Month Homepage - List of resources with math problems to solve
SCORE Mathematics: Internet Mathematics Resources - Schools of California Online Resource for Education -lesson plans and resources for K-12 educators
Smile Program Mathematics Index - A collection of 200 single concept lessons to be used in the classroom

Science - Teachers  
Access Excellence - Biology teaching and learning site-science news, activities exchange, online projects, seminars
Alliance to Save Energy Educator Lesson Plans - Provides lesson plans designed around saving and conserving energy
CERES Project - Interactive K-12 science education materials for teaching Astronomy
CIESE Online Classroom Resources - Projects and lesson ideas created for K-12 science education
Classifying Galaxies - An interactive lesson on how galaxies are classified by shape-for grades 5-9
Endangered Species-EE Link - Lesson plans, activities, and projects as well as info about endangered species
Exploratorium Science Snacks – Quick science demonstrations
Franklin Institute - Online science activities from the Franklin Institute- resources and collaboration opportunities
Genetic Lesson Plans - Lesson plans on the Internet covering genetics
Genetic Science Learning Center - Genetics information, projects, and lesson plans
Lesson Plans for Middle School Science - Lesson plans geared to middle school students
Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab - Science experiments for teachers and kids
Science Education Gateway - Learning adventures in Earth and Space science from a NASA sponsored partnership of museums, researchers, and educators-includes lesson plans
Science Learning Network - Teacher and student projects -resources as well as museums
Score Science - Science lessons and links to web resources-categorized by grade level and subject area
Volcano World - An interactive site about volcanoes
Whelmers - Science activities that will catch the eye and mind of all students